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The 12 Yoga Competencies

Most lineages agree that there are in total 12 Yoga Competencies that provide the foundational discussions of the required knowledge base and skill set contemporary yoga teachers must acquire to teach. In no particular order, here is an overview of the 12 Yoga Competencies taken from a survey of publications by the major lineages and yoga certification services:

Anatomy and Physiology

*Integration of the Muscular and Skeletal System

*Organs Function and their Interrelated Biochemistry

*Spinal Neuron Signal Transport System

*Brain Biochemistry and Physiology

*The Role of the Lymph System

*Connective Tissues and Fascia


Subtle Anatomy

*The Chakras: Spiritual and Psychological

*The Koshas, Doshas and Vayus

*Meridian/Marma Points

*Pranayama Science


Yoga Philosophy

*The Vedas

*Tantric Theory

*Patanjali Yoga Sutras


*5 Element Theory

*Karma & Dharma


Yoga History

*The PreVedic Age

*Vedic Roots of Yoga

*Pivotal Teachers

*Contemporary Yoga Lineages


BioMechanics of Yoga

*Alignment Principles & Language

Safety in Stretching, Balancing

*Offering Modifications & Adjustments

*Contraindications of Yoga

*Protecting the Joints


Trauma Awareness

*Psychology of Trauma

*Manifestations of Trauma

*Recognizing Trauma/PTSD

*Protocols for Trauma


Inclusivity Awareness

*Identifying the Underserved
*Cultural Sensitivity

*Cultivating Accessibility

*The Language of Inclusivity


Yoga Practice

*Balancing the Dynamic and Meditative

*Practice & Dosha

*Practicing Consistency

*Embodying All 8 Limbs

*Special Days


Teaching & Methodology

*Class Design

*Teaching Practicum

*Effective Cuing

*Class Management

*Special Classes

*Sacred Spaces


Business of Yoga

*Branding & Niche

*Marketing, Message & Social Media

*Studio Business Management *Teacher Business Management

*Online Teaching vs Studio Teaching

*Professional Development


Ethics & Yoga

*Code of Conduct for Teachers

*Business and Teacher Ethics
*Ethics and Yogic Scriptures

*Community Accountability


Sacred Sadhana

*Defining Sadhana

*Sadhana Routines / Practice

*Seva as Sadhana

*Sadhana as a Way of Life

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