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The Alliance for Yoga Professionals offers Certification Services to Yoga Schools that Align their Teacher Training Programs
With the 12 Yoga Competencies.

Yoga Practice
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Our Mission

Mission Statement

AYP uplifts the vocational path of Yoga Professionals to a trusted and valued Health and Wellness career pathway. 

We accomplish this by providing oversight to 
the Competency Assessments given by Professional Yoga Schools as a Qualifier for Yoga Teacher Designations.

Practicing Yoga

We Build Relationships

With Yoga Teachers & Schools

There are currently 6,100 independent Yoga Teacher Training Schools that have matriculated active yoga teachers in the United States over the last 20 years. These vibrant Yoga Schools are a major focus.

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The Issue 

Certification vs Qualification

The growth of the yoga economy has outpaced the level of support and oversight required to offer competency standards that lead to a

Qualified Designation.

Member Yoga Schools are able to confer on their students a Qualified Designation of instructor expertise.

Member Schools agree to align their Yoga Teaching Standards to the 12 Yoga Competencies or via a lineage Authorization,

Our Guidelines For Assessment

Our Pillars of Competency

Yoga Unify recognizes Yoga Schools that focus on these 3 Primary Guidelines:

i. Educational Guidelines

School Assessments should include (at a minimum) education in the 12 Yoga Teacher Competencies. These Guidelines provide insight into a professional's yogic pathos,

knowledge and teaching skill set;

ii. Ethics Guidelines

Their Assessments inquire into a Instructor's knowledge of the Professional Standards for Ethical Practice in the Teaching of Yoga; and, 

iii. Cultural Diversity Guidelines

Their Assessments cause Students and Teachers to inquire about class inclusiveness; how their instruction is offered regardless of body-type, ethnicity, minority status, gender, race or financial where with all.  

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How We Interface With 
Yoga Professionals

We provide Professional Oversight to the Competency Assessments

Offered by Professional Yoga Schools, leading to a Qualified Designation. 

Warrior Two

We Offer Assessment Oversight

AYP offers Assessment Oversight services to Yoga Schools that provide Teacher Training programs.

Our accreditation program can be an integral step in uplifting the curriculum of a yoga school guaranteeing the public that a school's curriculum assesses what it teaches.


Yoga School applicants to our program will submit copies of their Matriculating Assessments for review of their alignment with the 12 Yoga Compencies.

Upon a successful review, the school may be eligible to confer to their matriculating students our Qualified Designations. 

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The Qualifying

There are 3 Qualifying

Yoga Designations that can be earned through the submission of competency evidence:

Yoga Instructor, Yoga Guide, and Yoga Mentor.

In addition to understanding the ancient and contemporary yogic knowledge base, the Yoga Instructor is capable of Guiding a class and 1:1 private sessions.

A Yoga Guide is capable of designing a yoga flow and can work with diverse groups of individuals, offering a vast array of major asana modifications. This instructor also has a clear knowledge of the Subtle Anatomy, the Humana of Yoga.

A Yoga Mentor actively offers the traditions, knowledge and wisdom derived from a specific yogic lineage. They have developed a strong and vibrant community of followers.

501c(3) Status & Donations

AYP is a 501c(3) organization that derives its financial stability from

501c3 Angel Donors, Yoga Studio and Yoga Teachers. 

We particularly want to serve underrepresented, impoverished,

marginalized and minority communities.

Currently, only California Donations are Tax Deductible.

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