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Iyengar Yoga Studio

About AYP

501c3 Status

AYP provides financial assistance to Accredited Yoga Schools that align their Teacher Training Modules

with the 12 Yoga Competencies 


 Our review of Yoga Schools provides a measure of Oversight of Teacher Training Programs that offer Teaching Certificates.

As a Contributing Member of AYP, Yoga Schools Are Able to Confer to Their 

Matriculating Students a Professional Teacher Designation.

These Professional Designations to their matriculated teachers mark their student's expertise in yoga healthcare.

AYP is a 501c(3) organization that receives donations from Yoga Schools, Yoga Teachers, and Angel Donors to assist in the administration of our Yoga School Accreditation program. 

AYP is especially attuned to assisting Yoga Schools in impoverished, marginalized and minority communities.

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Who We Assist

There are currently 6,100 independent Yoga Teacher Training Schools that have matriculated over 100,000 active yoga teachers in the United States in the last 20 years. These vibrant Yoga Schools

are a primary focus.

AYP offers this method to characterize the progress of Yoga
Teachers presenting themselves as professional instructors who offer yoga as an instrument of Health and Wellness.

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Your Donation

Your donation to AYP assists in fulfilling our Vision to financially and administratively help Yoga Schools.

Our non-profit intends to ensure that the greater community of yoga practitioners sees the profession as a valued and trusted Health and Wellness Provider. 

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Mission Statement

AYP works to uplift the vocational path of Yoga Professionals to a trusted and valued Health and Wellness career pathway by offering designations of accomplishment to teachers who have successfully their certificates of merit. 

We accomplish this by providing financial assistance to Yoga Schools after a review

of the Assessments used to matriculate students from their teacher training programs.

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The Issue

The growth of yoga practitioners has outpaced the need to gauge the progress of yoga teachers with competency standards that note their education, certifications, and contributions to their more excellent community yoga practitioners.

AYP offers Yoga Schools to confer Professional Designations to their matriculated Yoga Teachers indicating the breadth of their education and contributions to their yoga community. Our hope is that this will allow greater public awareness of the professionalism that serves their health care community.

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How We Assist

AYP provides financial assistance to Yoga Schools who align their teaching program with the 12 Yoga Competencies.

Member Yoga Schools are able to confer to their students Qualified Professional Designations that represent milestones in their growth along t
heir career pathways. 

These Designations serve to acknowledge their contributions to our yoga communities and their lineages.

The three primary Professional Designations are Instructor, Guide

and Mentor.

A fourth icon of yogic service, 

the Adept Yogi, is bestowed by a council of yogis having either the Mentor or

Adept designation. 

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