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How To Offer A Qualified Designation to
Matriculating Yoga Teachers

AYP works with Professional Yoga Studios that offer Yoga Teacher Training programs. Rather than

focus on a Studio's design and implementation of a teaching curriculum, we focus on the form and implementation of Curriculum Assessments that generate the Qualifying Evidence for a teacher's matriculation. In short, we focus on a candidate's Evidence of Competency.

What follows are our recommendations to a member Yoga School on the minimum standards of evidence to be achieved by a yoga teacher in order to receive an initial AYP Designation of either Instructor or Guide.

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Register your Yoga Studio as a

Member AYP.  


By Registering AYP, we will set up an Assessment File to hold the Assessments you'll give students enrolled in your TT course.

Please Complete Our Application.


Send AYP a copy of each Assessment (usually by Module) in your Yoga Teacher Training program along with your Certificate of Completion.

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A Yoga Instructor has a basic understanding of the skills required to cue an asana based yoga class with correct pranayama and

guided meditation. 

Teaching Skills.png

Asana & Sequencing

Pranayama Rhythms

Guided Meditation

Understands How to Access the

12 Yoga Competencies or the basic competencies documented in the Professional Yoga School's curriculum.


The Yoga School will affirm that the student has completed the Assessments required for a student to matriculate from their Teacher Training program and confers the Designation of

Yoga Instructor.
The Teacher submits to AYP their Certificate of Completion.

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A Yoga Guide is fluent in the 12 Competencies of Yoga.

A Guide has the ability to design an effective yoga flow and adapt a course of study to the needs of all levels of students practicing regardless of the style of class.


Offers A Clear

understanding and is able to Communicate Clearly:

Vedic to Modern History
Philosophy & Language

Ethos, Presence, Pathos

A Yoga Guide affirms their knowledge of the Yoga Humana and can document their study and practice in a yoga lineage for at least 500 hours.

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A Yoga Mentor has advanced skills in the tutoring professional yoga teachers, they are a specialist in a particular lineage in the great yoga community.

A Mentor is a conscious catalyst, a yogi who up-levels his community by holding a space of grace emanating from an awareness of yoga traditions.


Has Aligned with a Lineage or Institute, is keenly aware of their traditions, language and ways of being.

There have been Community Contributions.

A Yoga Mentor is an advanced yoga practitioner who has had experience teaching yoga at an approved Yoga School.

The Yoga Mentor will submit to AYP documentation of at least 5 years of study and experience in a widely accepted yoga lineage or

Yoga School / Institute. 

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The Adept Designation indicates that the yogi has contributed a body of work to the greater yoga community within their lineage or tradition. The have a sense of Awareness about them, a sense of knowing. The are support a defined Community of practitioner yogis.


Adepts are chosen by Council of Peers through a nomination process and calls from the greater field for supporting documentation of contributions and interviews. 

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Approved Subject Areas:

Yoga Ethics

Safety Management   

Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

Ancient Yoga History & Philosophy
Subtle Body Energies
Personal Sadhana

Contraindications in Yoga Teaching   

Knowledge of Sanskrit, Gurmukhi and/or Mantras 

Knowledge of Yogic Sacred Texts

Critical Thinking Skills

Yoga as Stress Management

​ Mastery of Yoga Practice in a Lineage or Tradition.

Mastery of Teaching the Art of Yoga. 

Mastery of Self-Assessment

Cultural Sensitivity

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