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We Qualify Yogis Through Their Teacher Training Programs

The Pathway to Designation

Yoga Unify works with Yoga Schools to provide Assessment Oversight to their Qualifying Assessments of enrolled Student's learned Knowledge and acquired Skills.

Yoga Unify does not oversee a Yoga School's development of their 200 Hr or 300 Hr curriculum. We exam the Assessments a Yoga School requires for student matriculation from a program of study. 

Yoga in Nature

Becoming An Affiliated School

To become a registered Registered Yoga School with Yoga Unify send us an Application from this website.

Once we review your Application, we'll next ask you to supply us with digital copies of your Assessments along with the Criteria to which they are aligned (i.e. such as the 
12 Yoga Competencies).

Additionally we'll ask for a copy of the School's Code of Conduct, your Ethics Pledge and a Trademarks document. (We can supply you with samples if you need.)

Once these are in place there is one time $199/fee to Register your Yoga School. 

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Issuing Designations

Based on the Evidence of Completion submitted, matriculating Students will be eligible for Yoga Unify Designation. There is a one time fee of $99 fee to process a Yoga Instructor or Yoga Guide application. 

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